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My name's Anna and I'm a college student. I fall way too easily. I have a page where I only post what I edit, so feel free to follow it: CLICK ME. I love television and movies, like, a lot. Grey's Anatomy is the best show on television, along with many other television shows. Some other shows I love are LOST, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, and so many more. I love getting things in my ask and making new friends, so please don't hesitate to contact me.
Lexie Grey is my spirit animal.

"Mark was really awesome at leaving you with good sex injuries."

Slexie is my spirit couple.



i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters


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Iron Man Trivia Part 1/Part 2 click on pictures to read captions with more trivia


You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

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'welcome back and here is to a great season 11 !'

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